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Life Protection Plan for the Indian blue collar workers and other employees in the UAE

Posted on: March 05, 2024 | Back | Print

Press Release 

Life Protection Plan for the Indian blue collar workers and other employees in the UAE 

There are around 3.5 million Indians residing in the UAE, out of which around 65 percent are blue collar  workers. They form one of the largest group of migrant workers in the UAE.  

In the year 2022, the Consulate General of India, Dubai registered a total of 1,750 death cases, out of which  around 1,100 are workers and in 2023 around 1,000 deaths were registered for workers from the total count  of 1,513. It has been observed that in more than 90 percent of the cases, the cause of death is natural. 

It has been noticed that most of the Companies are insuring their employees under Health Insurance and  Workmen’s compensation [work related injuries & deaths]. However, there is no mandatory insurance  coverage for the Natural Death of Employees, and hence the legal heirs/dependents of the deceased do not  receive any compensation in cases of natural death. 

To address this, the Consulate General of India, Dubai facilitated a joint meeting between the major companies  recruiting Indian blue-collar workers and the Insurance service providers M/s. Gargash Insurance Services LLC  and M/s. Orient Insurance PJSC to arrive at an Insurance Package, which could cover both Natural and  Accidental death. The terms & conditions and the modalities on how it will be implemented were worked out  between the Companies/Employers and the insurance service providers M/s. Gargash Insurance Services LLC  & M/s. Orient Insurance PJSC. 

Following the meeting and based on the feedback received from the companies, Gargash Insurance / Orient  Insurance have agreed to issue Life Protection Plan [LPP] for the blue collar workers and other Employees  covering Death due to any cause (Natural and Accidental) with the following benefits: 

Benefits Covered: 

* 24 hours worldwide coverage for employees having UAE employment visa; 

* Death due to any cause (Natural and Accidental) 

* Permanent Total / Partial Disability due to Accident 

* Repatriation Expenses (Death only) - upto AED 12,000 per person 

* Age Limit from 18 to 70 years 

Sum Assured Options 

Annual Premium Per Person

AED 35,000 per person 

AED 37

AED 50,000 per person 

AED 50

AED 75,000 per person 

AED 72

On the launch of the Life Protection Plan, Consul General Mr. Satish Sivan stated that “Welfare of the Indian  community remains our utmost priority. Keeping in view the large number of natural death cases of workers  in a year and in order to provide some financial benefits to the family of the deceased in the event of natural  death, Consulate General of India, Dubai, encourages all Companies to consider subscription to the Life  Protection Plan [LPP] that is available at a minimal premium of AED 37 per annum’. Life Protection Plan [LPP]  is effective from 1 March 2024. For further details about the Life Protection Plan, please contact at Email id:  lifeprotect@gargashinsurance.com and Phone no. 0527172944/0526167787. 

March 4, 2024