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1.The Consulate General of India in Dubai provides attestation services to Indians and Foreigners. The services are facilitated through an outsource agency IVS. IVS facilitates the Attestation Services at the centre located at the Business Atrium, Room Nos. 102/103/104, Business Atrium, Oud Metha, Dubai. (Click here for location)

2.  The appointment slots for availing attestation services at IVS Global Commercial Information Services are available from 8 AM to 3 PM (Monday to Friday), except holidays and from 8 AM to 1 PM (Saturday).

3. The attestation services are also rendered by Consulate in premises of Indian Associations/ Indian Social Clubs/ Indian Relief Committee in Northern Emirates on every Sunday.

4.  Online Appointment (for IVS Dubai centre): The appointments can be booked using following link:


The contact number is 04-3579585/04-3579636.

5. Categories of attestation services:

i.          Death Certificate (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=5)

ii.         Divorce Decree (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=6)

iii.        Sponsoring Parents (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=7)

iv.        Power of Attorney (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=8)

v.         Life Certificate (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=9)

vi.        Travel NOC for minor child (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=10)

vii.       Passport copy (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=11)

viii.      Sponsorship declaration (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=4)

ix.        Driving License (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=12)

x.         Sworn Affidavit (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=13)

xi.        Gift deed (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=14)

xii.       Surety Bond (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=15)

xiii.      Medical Certificate (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=16)

xiv.      Will Execution (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=17)

xv.       Salary Certificate (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=18)

xvi.      Singleness Certificate (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=20)

xvii.     No Relation Certificate (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=21)

xviii.    Companies document (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=22)

xix.      Residence visa for family member (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=23)

xx.       Undertaking expenses for studies (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=24)

xxi.      International Driving Permit (IDP) (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=25)

xxii.     Genuinity/ Verification of Certificates (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=26)

xxiii.    Applying for a visit/ residence visa for family (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=27)

xxiv.    Attestation for foreign/ UAE nationals (https://www.ivsglobalattestation.com/service-detail.php?id=28)

6. Home services: Home Services are provided by the Consulate for medical cases and aged applicants who are not able to visit attestation centre. Please email to vcppt.dubai@mea.gov.in with copy to attestation.dubai@mea.gov.infor availing home services.

7.  Grievances/ Redressal Mechanism: If applicants have any grievance/suggestions regarding the service/amenities at the Outsourcing Center please use the Feedback Forms available at the Outsourcing Center (in Hindi, English and other Indian Languages) to convey the same to the Consulate. Completed Feedback Forms may be deposited in the Feedback Boxes provided by the Consulate at the Outsourcing Centers.

For any complaints/query: passport.dubai@mea.gov.in or attestation.dubai@mea.gov.in
Pravasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra (PBSK): Toll free number: 800 46342 or email- pbsk.dubai@mea.gov.in