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Medical Tourism in India
India in the recent years has emerged as a major hub for medical tourism and is now considered amongst the top 6 medical value travel destinations in the world. Foreign tourism arrivals for medical purposes have increased from 1,39,447 in 2014  to 4,95,056 in 2017. Some of the factors which make India a compelling destination for medical travel are reputed health care professionals and hospitals, English speaking health care workers, cutting edge global technology, personalized service, lower cost, lesser waiting time and rich cultural and leisure destinations.
It is estimated that value of medical tourism to India is likely to reach USD 9 billion by 2020.
The number of Medical Visas issued by this Consulate in 2016 was 523 and in 2017 were 545.
Some of the initiatives successfully implemented by our Ministry of Tourism are:

  • E Visa for Medical tourists in addition to the existing medical and medical attendant visa
  • Patients not required to personally register with the FRRO
  • Facilitation counters at 3 international airports and 5 more are on the anvil.
  • Accreditation by NABH introduced for a new category called Medical Value Travel Facilitators who would play the coordinating role similar to tour operators.
  • Health care portal www.indiahealthcaretourism.com has been augmented with comprehensive information on the accredited healthcare institutions in English, Arabic, Russian and French.