About Us Overview


As there are about 3.5 million Indian nationals in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, the area and scope of activities of the Labour & Welfare Wing of the Consulate is wide ranging. Welfare related activities include both preventive and curative measures for safeguarding the interests of Indian nationals. A significant percentage of Indian nationals are classified in the semi-skilled category and the Consulates works closely with the local authorities to ensure fulfillment of their contractual terms by employers, including timely settlement of dues, their safety, welfare and protection in a foreign work environment.


Primarily, the activities of Labour and Welfare Wing include:

  1. Addressing labour complaints
  2. Welfare activities for destitute women and distressed housemaids including running of a women’s shelter
  3. Prison/Jail visits in Dubai and Sharjah every week and to other Northern Emirates once a month
  4. Visits to hospitals in Dubai and Northern Emirates
  5. Running of a 24×7 multilingual Pravasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra (PBSK)
  6. Maintaining and operating Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) for welfare of Indian workers
  7. Issue of Emergency Certificates to stranded Indian workers
  8. Attestation of employment documents
  9. Operating special cell for welfare of Indian housemaids/female workers
  10. Death compensation cases
  11. Translation facilities
  12. Conducting awareness campaigns at Labour Camps
  13. Legal, financial and psychological counseling through PBSK
  14. Organisation of Health Camps and Medical Clinics