About Us Overview


Activities undertaken by Mission / Post to promote trade & investment:

To promote trade and investments following activities are undertaken by this Post:


  • Providing of information in the form of replies to trade enquires like list of importers – exporters, bonafide status of local business entities, product market potential.
  • Circulation of information relating to Fairs and Exhibitions.
  • Dissemination of other general information relating to trade and business like legal requirements, working environment.
  • Obtaining and conveying company profiles to Indian Banks and other Government Departments.


  • Developing contacts with major business organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Free Trade Zones, Investment Authorities, Electricity Authorities, DMCC, Dubai World, Emaar, Nakheel, Dubal etc.
  • Organizing meetings between visiting Indian Ministry Officials with local individuals, organizations and Departments.
  • Organizing Business to Business meetings.
  • Organizing group interaction through local Chambers of Commerce and Business Councils.
  • Organizing Buyer Seller Meetings (BSMs).


  • Facilitation for visiting trade delegations like organizing meetings and providing logistic support.
  • Attending to Ministerial delegations including processing of papers relating to political clearance, stay arrangements and organizing meetings.
  • Lending support to event organizers for holding Seminars, Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions and Road-Shows and encouraging Indian participations therein.
  • Helping local offices of Public Sector Units from India to conduct and expand their business.
  • Disputes resolution

    Business to Business defaults of payments and similar issues are attempted to be resolved by referring matters to Chambers of Commerce/ Director General of Foreign Trade for amicable settlement.

    Contacts developed with local business entities

    Local business entities that have India-specific interests are met at the level of Consul General and follow up steps are taken by Consul / Section. These entities include Chambers of Commerce and Industry Free Trade Zone Authorities, Investment Bodies, Electricity and Water Supply Authorities, Municipalities, etc. Other business and investment organizations have also been interacted with like Dubai World, EMAAR, DUBAL, Local Banks and other private business groups.