About Us Rules for expatriate workers in UAE

Rules for expatriate workers in the UAE

Pre-arrival Requirements for Indian Nationals Looking for Job in the UAE: 

Indian Nationals looking for employment in the UAE should verify the genuineness of the job offer letter issued by the employer. ECR Passport Holders are advised to come through eMigrate as per  the Government of India’s Instruction. In order to verify the genuineness of the employment, Indian Nationals are advised to submit the following documents:

1. Job Offer Letter issued by the Company/Employer.

2. Job Offer Letter issued by MOHRE/Free Zones etc. if available.

3. Entry Permits issued by Immigration Authorities. 

4. Passport Copy.

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Labour Disputes:

Indian workers facing issues due to Non-Payment of Salaries, Delay in Payment, Not Getting the Agreed Salary, Refusal of Leave Applications, Withholding of Passports, Delay in Visa Stamping and For Matters in the Court and End of Service Benefits are advised to approach PBSK along with the following documents:

1. Passport Copy.

2. Visa Copy.

3. Employment Contract.

4. Offer Letter issued by the Company.

5. Contact Details of the Company.

6. License Copy if Available.

Dos and DON’Ts for the workers in UAE


  • Do know the laws of the UAE specially UAE Labour Law to be aware about Rights and Bounds.

  • Do keep yourself updated with important contact numbers: Police, Fire, Ambulance, hospitals, contact details of Indian Embassy and Consulate, Indian associations etc.

  • Do report any physical abuse, domestic violence to the Police Immediately. 

  • Do report any work-related grievance in Ministry of Human Resource of Labour (MOHRE) of UAE within a year of work permit cancellation date, beyond this period MOHRE might not register the grievance as it would be time barred as per Article 6 of UAE Labour Law.

  • 999 for Police

  • 998 for Ambulance

  • 997 for Fire Department (Civil Defence)

  • 996 for Coastguard

  • 991 for electricity failure

  • 922 for water failure.

  • Do keep your medical records, latest passport copy, visa copy, updated Work contract with Ministry and company, financial record, company information, residence address handy and share the same with trustworthy family member so the same could be retrieved when required.

  • Do use appropriate and legal remittance scheme while receiving or sending money.

  • Do start a pension scheme form the beginning of Working Life to have a sufficient corpus at the time of retirement.

  • Do know the details of product and agent while investing money.

  • Always be vigilant to prevent Identity theft: Protection of SIM Card, Passport and Emirates id Card, Email Account, awareness about common frauds is essential to safeguard against identity theft.

  • Do have appropriate Life, Medical Insurance Cover in UAE and India including Critical illness.

  • Do maintain appropriate lifestyle as per Job Profile. Do exercise, Yoga, etc on a regular basis.

  • Do keep a WILL acceptable in UAE court.

  • Obtain mandatory unemployment insurance from the employer upon joining the Company. 


  • Do not post your views in social media about religious matters which could hurt others. Do not violate practiced Traditions, Conventions or Heritage in any form.

  • Do not take pictures of restricted places. Do not take picture /Video, post pictures of individual in social media or without consent.

  • DO not share OTP, PASSWORDS, ATM PIN to anybody as Bank or related entity would not ask for the same in any communication mode.

  • Do not consume alcohol in Public. Consumption of Alcohol is permissible in place with appropriate license.

  • Do not sign in Blank paper, neither sign on Blank Cheque.

  • Don’t run away or Abscond form sponsor, rather report to MOHRE (80060/04 665 9999) and Indian Embassy/ Consulate. 

Indian Embassy, Abu Dhabi: 02 4492 700 (if your visa is issued from Abud Dhabi or Al Ain.)

Consulate General of India, Dubai: 04 3971 222/333 (if your visa is issued from other Northern Emirates; Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Um Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah.)