About Us Advisory on Chartered Flights

Consulate General of India

May 28, 2020

          Over the past few days, Government of India has issued notifications allowing charter flights by companies to send back their workers to India as well allowing agencies, community and organisations to organise chartered flights to send back stranded people to India. Approvals for any such chartered flights are required to be obtained from both relevant agencies of Government of India as well as the State Governments where the destination airports are situated. It may be noted that due to the pandemic situation such flights will be phased out and their number will be limited.

2.      The cost for the chartered flights as well as 7 days institutional quarantine is to be borne by the organisation/company hiring the chartered flight. Such organisation/company or the people wishing of returning back to India are required to ensure that all passengers are registered at the Consulate website www.cgidubai.gov.in. For chartering any flight, a tentative passenger manifest  in Proforma 1 as an Excel sheet and details of the chartered flights as per Proforma 2 are required to be sent to the Consulate on email cgoffice.dubai@mea.gov.in. It may also be noted that approvals for the chartered flights would take time and should be planned while giving a sufficient notice of about one week. 

3.      Organisations who wish to organize a general chartered flight are advised not to accept ticket charges/other charges, from the passengers till final approval is conveyed by the Consulate for such flight(s). Similarly, the general public is also advised, not to pay money to anyone who promises a seat on a chartered flight till they get information about final approval for the same from the Consulate. The Consulate will publish the list of general chartered flights which have been approved by Government of India before the departure of such flights on its website www.cgidubai.gov.in and on its social media handles twitter: @cgidubai, Facebook: India in Dubai-Consulate General of India, Dubai.


Proforma 1
Proforma 2