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Advisory for seafarers

Posted on: December 31, 2017 | Back | Print

A number of cases of Indian seafarers in distress on ships have been brought to the attention of Consulate General of India, Dubai in the past few months. The complaints received from the seafarers include non-payment of salaries for several months, bad working conditions on ships, inadequate supply of food, water and bunker (fuel), delays in sign-off and absence of proper medical care.

The Consulate has been providing assistance wherever it can and has also apprised local authorities about these cases for their early resolution. A number of cases have been resolved with the helpful intervention of Federal Transport Authority of UAE.

The owners and agents against whom the Consulate has received several complaints in the past few months are as follows:

S.No. Company Name Owner /Agent Details Name of Vessel(s)
1 M/s Alco Shipping Services LLC 1.   Mr.Syed Ijaz Hassan
2.   Taj Alarab Marine Service, LLC
3.   Mr. Sunil Yadav
4.   Mr. Gaurav Chandra
5.   Mr. Karmughil James
6.   Uniseas Marine Services
Sharjah Moon,
MT Ocean Pride,
MT Dharma,
MV. Boorj 1,
Ocean Grace,
Ocean Eagle
2 Venus Ship Management 1.   Mr Habib
2.   Mr. Sahil
MT Beta,
MT City Elite,
MT Al Nouf
3 1.  Mr. Ravi Verma
2.  Mr Mohit
3.  Mr. Ashish
MV Sea Patrol
4 M/s Shat Al Arab Marine Services LLC 1.  Dr. Abbas Falih Salim           (Iraqi National)
2. Mr. Praveen Mishra
MT Enjaz  1,
MT Enjaz-2,
MV Salem

It has also come to the notice of the Consulate that in a majority of cases, Indian seafarers have been recruited on these ships through unscrupulous agents in India who are not registered with Ministry of Shipping, GOI.

It is advised that the seafarers should do due diligence before accepting an employment offer to work on ships and in any case should not get recruited through unscrupulous agents. In case the seafarers fall into distress they should immediately file complaints with appropriate authorities in India (Ministry of Shipping & Police) against the agents who recruited them. They should also bring it to the attention of the Consulate which will refer the issue to the UAE authorities.

The seafarers should take up jobs through authorised RPSL agents in accordance with guidelines of Ministry of Shipping. They could also seek advice of the Consulate regarding recruiting company/agent in Dubai and Northern Emirates (Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah) by sending email on cons1.dubai@mea.gov.in and cons3.dubai@mea.gov.in.