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Advisory on issuance of Emergency Certificates (EC's), dated 1,September 2020

Posted on: September 02, 2020 | Back | Print

Embassy of India
Abu Dhabi


Embassy of India (EoI), Abu Dhabi and Consulate General of India (CGI), Dubai welcomes the decision of the UAE government authorities to extend the validity of visa fine waiver (Amnesty) scheme till November 17, 2020 for those foreign nationals whose visa expired before March 1, 2020.

  1. It has come to our notice that several Indian nationals want to avail this facility but are not in possession of their valid passports due to various reasons. We are committed to assisting all such Indian nationals who are not having valid travel documents by providing them with Emergency Certificate (EC) on gratis basis to enable them travel back to India.

  2. In this regard, applicants are advised to fill online application form for EC (https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/) and submit in person at the BLS center with following documents:
  1. Two recent passport size photographs, showing full frontal view of face against light background;
  2. Original expired/damaged passport/copy of the previous/lost passport or details of the previous/lost passport (any one of this);
  3. In instances, where the applicant is not in possession of the copy of the passport or does not remember his/her passport number, original/photo copy of any other photo identity document issued by Government of India viz; Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Ration Card or domicile/nativity certificate issued by the concerned state authorities in India, held by the applicant, can be provided along with the EC application to establish applicant’s identity and nationality. However, this process will require verification and personal interview at the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi/Consulate General of India in Dubai.
  1. Applicants are also advised to submit any of the above mentioned documents along with the EC application printout from the weblink and 2 photographs, at the nearest BLS center on all working days as per following timings:
  1. Abu Dhabi & Al Ain : 9 AM to 4 PM
  2. Dubai and other Northern Emirates: 5 PM to 6 PM(exclusive time for accepting EC applications all BLS centres)
  1. EC application fee, ICWF charges and BLS service fee will be waived off for those applicants who do not have means to pay these fees. Should any applicant so desire, they can avail of form filling, photograph preparation and SMS services from BLS (optional) at a total cost not exceeding AED 25/-. In case of any query/clarification/further documentation, Embassy or Consulate will contact the applicant directly.

  2. Applicants are advised to collect their EC from the BLS Centre within 5 working days as per delivery time mentioned on their receipt.

  3. After obtaining EC, applicants will be required to visit respective Immigration office for visa cancellation and completion of their exit formalities.
  1. For Abu Dhabi: Visa Section, 1st Floor, Abu Dhabi Immigration, Airport Road
  2. For Dubai: Immigration Centre at the Civil Aviation Security Center near Terminal 2, Dubai Airport
  1. This initiative will begin from September 1, 2020 and will be in operation until October 31, 2020 and is intended to enable distressed/stranded Indian nationals to avail the visa fine waiver scheme and travel to India by November 17, 2020.