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MEA helpline numbers for Indian nationals in Gulf countries

Posted on: March 20, 2020 | Back | Print

Consulate General of India 

The MEA’s helpline will be available to people in the Gulf for assistance in the eventuality that their families, friends or associates fall victim to a COVID-19 infection or issues related to the spreading Coronavirus.

The telephone numbers of the Control Room are 1800118797 (toll free), +91-11-23012113, +91-11-23014104 and +91-11-23017905, The facility’s email is covid19@mea.gov.in and it can be contacted on Fax number +91-11-23018158.

In addition, for people calling in from the Gulf states, a team of officers are available to provide specific and special assistance. The team is led by Dr. T. V. Nagendra Prasad, Joint Secretary for the Gulf in the MEA. The Gulf team’s phone numbers are: +91-11-49018480 and +91- 9205066104.